Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - eFACTOR3 Plastic Recycling Solutions

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling, also known as e-scrap recycling, focuses on the recovery of plastics and metals from discarded electrical and electronic devices. This process is a crucial aspect of sustainable waste management and resource conservation, as electronic waste (e-waste) contains various types of plastics and metals that can be recycled and reused. Our equipment enables waste to be diverted from landfills and allows recyclers to sort and separate more efficiently.

Types of Waste/Materials: White goods, EV batteries, computers/laptops, cell phones, TVs, solar panels, windmill blades, cables and more.

Hamos KWS Metal/Plastic Separation – Cable Recycling

Westeria Bunker Systems

Westeria Conveyors

Ecostar Stationary Screens

Ecostar Mobile Screens

hamos KRS

M&J Mobile Pre-Shredders

M&J Stationary Pre-Shredders

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