Plastics Processing Equipment

Plastic Extrusion

MAS Plastic Extrusion System - eFactor3

The MAS Extrusion system is the only system that combines two major processes – recycling and compounding – into one. Simplicity at its best.

The MAS EXTRUDER combines the familiar, superior, plastification and homogenization of a co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder with the specific advantages of the conical screw design; a key element of this integrated recycling and compounding system.

Plastic Compounding Equipment

The conical, co-rotating MAS extruder is a cutting-edge plastic compounding equipment that offers process stability and economic compounding of plastics with very different characteristics wherever it is necessary to fulfill the strictest quality requirements. Especially in the following areas:

  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composites)
  • PPC (Paper Plastic Composites)
  • Admixing of CaC03, talcum and other fillers
  • Admixing of colorant and additives
  • In-line compounding for profile and sheet extrusion
MAS Plastic Compounding Equipment - eFactor3

Single Screw Extrusion

eFACTOR3 - Single Screw Extrusion

The Altech single screw extrusion models are offered in 3 different variations depending on your specific needs. These include: the RGT W Series, the RGT TW Series, and RGT Tandem Series.

Melt Filtration

The MAS CDF continuous melt filter separates contamination such as paper, wood, aluminum, or rubber efficiently and can deal with large amounts of contaminants in the melt stream (up to 5%).

A melt pressure-controlled scraper system removes the contamination from the surface of a rotating screen disc into a discharge screw system. The impurities are discharged continuously from the CDF, while the filtered melt continues to flow downstream to the pelletizing system, profile or sheet die. The melt inside of the filter automatically controls the function of the scraper as well as the speed of the screen and discharge screw(s).

MAS Melt Filtration Plastic Processing Technology For Recycling

Dry Cleaning

MAS Dry Cleaning Machine - eFactor3

MAS dry cleaning machines are a modern and extremely economical alternative, or an optimal supplement, to conventional wet wash systems.

This technology can remove moisture and dirt (soil, sand, etc.) from shredded film or granulated rigid plastic. Oily, greasy, or sugar-based residues cannot be removed with this technology and need to be processed with conventional wet wash systems.


Auxiliary recycling equipment refers to a range of machinery and tools that support the recycling process. These systems include complementary components like silo scales, closed process water circuits, pyrolysis ovens, and more. This technology can be retrofitted to existing extrusion lines or purchased with new equipment.

Auxiliary Recycling Equipment - Usable for the removal of all thermoplastics and mixed plastics

Electrostatic Separation

Homos Electrostatic Separation Technology for the recycling industry

Hamos’ unique electrostatic separation system has not only opened the door to new applications previously thought impossible, but has also improved the performance of previous material separation processes.


  • Dry separation process
  • High product purity
  • Separation process independent of density or color
  • Flexibility – one machine for dozens of plastics mixtures
  • High yield
  • High throughput
  • Efficient energy consumption

Infrared Dryers

KREYENBORG’s Infrared Drying System offers the ability to dry and crystalize materials in minutes compared to hours with conventional drying equipment. This faster drying process can significantly reduce changeover time and drastically decreases energy consumption.

KREYENBORG Infrared Drying System for the recycling industry

Plastic Cleaning Waste Plastic Cleaning Machine - for the removal of surface dirt and paper labels from recyclable plastic material. has developed an innovative dry-cleaning technology for the removal of surface dirt and paper labels from recyclable plastic material. This system is proven to effectively replace or reduce wet washing in a variety of plastic recycling applications. The waterless cleaning process features a high-speed rotating shaft mounted in a screen basket. This shaft, fitted with numerous angled paddles, spins at high speed generating centrifugal force and friction, liberating the plastic of contaminants. With paper labels the machine fiberizes the paper, breaking it down small enough to pass through the outside screen basket.

Odor Reduction


Post-consumer plastic packaging has absorbed odors due to its direct contact with food, cleaning agents, chemicals, cosmetics, fuel, etc. These migrated substances are not completely removable during the washing phase. So, in support of the recycling process chain, odor reduction is a critical step to guarantee a high-quality end product.

IR-FRESH® System : Odour Reduction in Post-consumer plastic packaging

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