Waste Recycling and Processing Equipment

Plant-Based Pre-Shredders

M&J Plant Based Pre-Shredders - eFactor3

M&J plant-based Pre-Shredders are available in 5 different sizes which are all supplied with a powerful and proven electrically-driven power pack with selected quality hydraulic components. All of these machines are based on patented technology and use hydraulic operation, open cutting tables, and large, aggressive knives. Made for heavy-duty use!

Mobile Pre-Shredders

M&J Mobile Pre-Shredders are easily transportable industrial waste shredders used for waste recycling and waste processing applications. They can handle many types of waste from municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste to bulky waste. They are available in 2 sizes and have a track-mounted option as well as a wheel (trailer) option, making them versatile waste processing equipment.

M&J Mobile Pre-Shredders - eFactor3

Fine Shredders

M&J FineShredders - eFactor3

Based on a unique cutting technology M&J Fine Shredders process pre-shredded, sorted waste and are a vital tool for industries requiring consistent homogeneous waste streams.

Known for their pre-shredding, shredding, crushing, and grinding abilities, M&J waste shredding equipment can be found in many plastic recycling and incineration plants, hazardous waste processing facilities, transfer stations, landfills, C&D recycling plants, RDF/SRF/PEF production facilities, and many more processes.


Since 1997 Ecostar has been synonymous with the most advanced technology in the mechanical separation of waste. With more than 20 years of research and development, Ecostar has developed custom solutions for every kind of material to be screened. Thanks to its patented technology Dynamic Disc Screening, today many types of waste can be efficiently recovered to supply clean fuels and energy sources, such as biomass and RDF(Refuse-Derived Fuel), or substances useful for agriculture and forestry, such as compost.

eFACTOR3 - Waste Recycling Equipment - Ecostar


Westeria Windsifter Airbasic - eFACTOR3

Westeria is a German manufacturer of conveying and windsifting technology specifically designed for the Waste-to-Energy and recycling industry. The patented windsifting solution from Westeria allows the separation of the heavy fraction (contaminates) from the light fraction in one easy step.


Westeria manufactures a large range of conveying equipment for the recycling and Waste-to-Energy industries. The modular design of the conveying systems allows for individual solutions that are tailored to specific applications. These various waste conveyor systems are used in different fields of applications:

  • MSW
  • C&D
  • Post-Industrial waste
  • Composting sites
  • RDF production
  • MRF and PRF
  • PET bottle recycling
Westeria PipeCon conveying equipment

Material Distribution

Westeria Material Distribution Systems - eFACTOR3

The Westeria material distribution systems ensure perfect material spreading for all kinds of detection and separation processes. The DiscSpreader can be easily mounted on any type of conveyor and is extremely easy to maintain. Together with leading AI experts, Westeria developed a new material distribution system with AI-controlled disc alignment that is also available.

Bunker Systems

Westeria Bunker Systems have been developed for the storage of bulky materials such as RDF, MSW, C&D waste, etc. They are also used as fuel delivery systems for cement kilns or as dosing systems for other downstream processes.

Westeria Bunker Systems - eFACTOR3


eFACTOR3 - Waste Recycling Equipment De-Packager

The TWISTER De-packager uses a vortex effect to efficiently separate packaging from organic materials, offering features like clean processing, bag opening, and low energy usage.


Flexus is the pioneer in industrial-scale all-in-one round-baling & wrapping solutions, for the compaction and volume reduction of a wide range of applications: MSW, RDF/SRF, landfill management & remediation, transfer stations, Waste-to-Energy and incineration facilities, biomass, C&I waste, ASR, tires, pulp, ashes.

Flexus Typhoon Baler Technology

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