eFactor3 Partner Westeria

Westeria is a German company from Westphalia with over 60 years of experience in manufacturing innovative machinery for the Waste to Energy and recycling industries. Since 1956, their product portfolio has grown strongly to provide international customers with high-quality equipment, technical know-how and excellent service.

They are constantly developing new recycling machines and conveying systems for what is perhaps today’s greatest challenge: making the circular economy a valuable and profitable reality everywhere in the world.

Westeria Machinery for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industries - eFACTOR3

The Best in Conveying and Windsifting

Westeria Conveying & Windsifting Machine - eFACTOR3

Wherever piece or bulk goods have to be sorted, conveyed, dosed or distributed, Westeria’s innovations are in demand: economical, robust, durable, reliable and tailored to individual requirements. Whether their colleagues or our customers – for them, the focus is always on people.

Westeria products


Windsifters from Westeria are designed to be rugged, powerful and energy-efficient.


The modular design of Westeria’s conveying systems allows for individual solutions tailored to the application.

Material Distribution

Even during non-linear material feeding, the Westeria Disc Spreader ensures perfect, reliable material distribution.

Bunker Systems

Perfect down to the last detail – that’s the best way to describe Westeria’s MovingFloor Bunker.