efactor3 Partner Plato

With over 20 years of experience in the global plastics recycling industry, offers you technically durable and wear-resistant cleaning systems for cost-efficient used plastics recycling.

Their products offer high availability and ease of use in 15 countries. The basis of their success is the commitment of their employees and their reliable suppliers.

EF3 Plastic Recycling Cleaning System

Recycling Cleaning Machinery Made Different

Plato Centrifuge

Friction Washers and High-Intensity Washers: the perfect combination for removing soluble dirt. engineers manufacture machine housing and steel construction according to country-specific standards in Görlitz, Germany. Durable steel extends the service life and reduces maintenance times. With innovative and cost-efficient thinking, they provide proven solutions to your unique challenges.

PLA.TO Products Cross Over Plastic Cleaning has developed an innovative dry-cleaning technology for the removal of surface dirt and paper labels from recyclable plastic material. Wet Wash offers a combined system consisting of a friction washer and patented MR series dry cleaner as a single unit. The friction washer rinses and rubs the used plastic with water, thereby soaking and loosening the contaminants.