Shredding is pivotal across diverse recycling processes, substantially boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling operations. Its value extends to numerous recycling applications handling a variety of materials. Let’s delve into how shredding proves beneficial in five distinct applications.


Size reduction is extremely important for landfills. Shredding helps slow the rate in which a landfill reaches capacity. This is crucial in affording communities the time needed to strategize and implement alternative waste management solutions. Shredding waste also aids in the compaction process, resulting in a more densely packed landfill. This, in turn, reduces the exposure of waste in the environment and minimizes the leaching of pollutants into the soil and water. It also assists with more efficient sorting or separation if desired. Consequently, the act of shredding waste before disposal serves to prolong the overall lifespan of the landfill.

Alternative Fuel

Uniform processing equals uniform output, which is always the goal in the alternative fuel industry. Introducing a pre-shredder at the initial stage of the process, coupled with a fine shredder in the downstream, results in a more homogeneous material. This is important specifically for this application because a uniform composition and size distribution of RDF particles enhances combustion efficiency and heat transfer, leading to optimal recovery of energy.

C&D (Construction and Demolition)

Construction and Demolition - C&D activities usually produce a substantial volume of waste by eFactor3

When it comes to C&D recycling the shredding of waste has a significant impact. C&D activities usually produce a substantial volume of waste. Incorporating a shredder reduces the waste volume, leading to a higher diversion of waste from landfills. Moreover, through the reduction of waste size, one can efficiently extract valuable resources, thereby contributing to the principles of the circular economy. This approach aims to sustain materials in use for extended periods by emphasizing recycling, reusing, and repurposing. By promoting a more sustainable and regenerative model, businesses can contribute to a larger effort of environmental sustainability.

Construction and Demolition - Before & After Shredding - MSW, Bulky Waste, Waste Wood by eFactor3

Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

In the operation of a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), the emphasis on shredding is centered around enhancing sorting efficiency and space optimization. MRF facilities frequently receive an assortment of bulky items that occupy significant space. The compact nature of shredded waste results in reduced space requirements, thereby enabling more efficient storage and transportation within the facility. Shredding also prepares materials for subsequent processing steps, such as crushing, melting, or pulping, in a more efficient manner. This optimization ensures that the materials are in an ideal form for further recycling.

Plastic Recovery Facility (PRF)

Shredding can be optimal at PRFs in both the bale breaking phase and downstream processing. Most plastic waste arrives in wire wrapped bales. The combination of a pre-shredder and a magnet enables the safe liberation of bales while effectively removing metal, without compromising the integrity of the bottles or other materials. This is achieved as the materials effortlessly pass through the open cutting table. Shredding also adds to the cleaning process at plastic recovery facilities by exposing a greater surface area of plastic to washing solutions. This helps remove contaminants, residues, and impurities on the way to a deeper clean. Once material has gone through size reduction and washing it is then ready for additional downstream processing. Shredded plastics have a consistent size and shape and thus more easily become a recycled pellet or other usable form.

No matter the application, shredding allows valuable materials to be diverted from the waste stream more effectively and enables better downstream processing of materials.

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