eFACTOR3 - Partnership with Ecostar A Leap Forward in Recycling Technology

Charlotte, 2/1/24 – eFACTOR3, a leading turnkey solutions provider in waste and plastic recycling, proudly announces a transformative partnership with Ecostar, the pioneering recycling screen manufacturer renowned for its revolutionary DDS Technology. eFACTOR3 will be Ecostar’s sole distributor in the United States.

Ecostar’s DDS Technology, a unique innovation in its class, utilizes a series of shafts equipped with hexagonal or octagonal discs made of Hardox, ensuring maximum durability. The material undergoes a distinctive jolting movement, separating waste into undersized and oversized fractions. The result is a clean fraction, ready for recycling processing. Ecostar’s product line offers flexibility with both mobile, and stationary options available.

eFACTOR3 - Partnership with Ecostar Hextra compost

The collaboration with Ecostar marks a significant milestone for eFACTOR3, further enhancing its capabilities as an innovative problem solver for waste and plastic recycling solutions. As a turnkey solutions provider, eFACTOR3 has transformed and retrofitted numerous operations, and this partnership solidifies its commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation.

This strategic alliance brings mutual benefits to both companies. eFACTOR3 gains a reputable distributor in North America, reinforcing its position as a leading solutions provider. Ecostar, on the other hand, expands its reach into new horizons, providing ample opportunities for product development, customer feedback, and prosperous business partnerships.

“Our partnership with Ecostar seamlessly aligns with our dedication to innovation, offering our clients a product portfolio that enhances flexibility and efficiency in screening. Our shared goal is to deliver cutting-edge machinery to recyclers in need, thereby adding significant value for our clients.”,” said Hartmut Bendfeldt, President and Owner at eFACTOR3.

Customers in North America stand to benefit greatly from this collaboration. They will gain exposure to Ecostar’s innovative and effective mobile screens, offering operational flexibility and anti-wrapping systems. Ecostar’s screens are particularly efficient on a wide range of materials, including compost, wood, biomass, metals, tires, glass, car fluff, RDF/SRF, construction and demolition debris, ash, and inerts.

Ecostar has developed a superior product, complemented by eFACTOR3’s industry experience, connections, marketing expertise, and service capability. The partnership provides customers with an innovative solution, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge technology that meets their specific needs.

As part of the collaboration, eFACTOR3 encourages customers to inquire about testimonials from Ecostar and is excited to exchange testimonials to showcase the success stories resulting from this powerful partnership.

For more information about eFACTOR3 and Ecostar, please visit http://dev.efactor3.com/ecostar/